With a view to constant improvement, MACA Engineering has renewed our rolling-lining machine for aluminium screw caps for wine.

The machine consists in a vertical continuous rotary motion rolling machine with 8 heads for knurling, perforating, rolling and beading aluminium closures; a system for simultaneous centring of the knurling on all 8 heads; a continuous motion rotary inserting machine with 16 punches for inserting double faced EPE/Saranex, and/or single faced Tinfoil liners.

The particularity of the new model comes from the need of customers to reduce as much as possible, during the processing of wine caps 30x60, the change format time from EPE/ Saranex to Tinfoil liners and vice versa.

This rolling-lining machine is equipped with two separate feeding systems: this allows to change the type of liner to be inserted inside the cap in less than 5 minutes.

Output: 30.000 pcs/hr maximum